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Sizing Pallet Rack
To Select the Right Rack for the Your Need:

1. Determine Shelf Beam Length
To store two pallets on each shelf, add the pallet widths of the loaded pallets plus an additional twelve inches.  This allows four inch spacing between pallets and end ­frames.

2. Determine Shelf Beam Capacity
Add total pallet weight per shelf.  Choose the correct beam providing required length and load capacity.

3. Determine End Frame Height
Add pallet height for each shelf plus four inches for clearance per pallet plus height for each selected load beam.

4. Determine End Frame Depth
Subtract six inches from the pallet's string length.  A three inch overhang results on each side providing safe storage.   Select a frame size closest to the calculated height, depth, and weight capacity.

5. Determine Double Aisle Spacing.
For double aisle storage, multiply the measured pallet overhang by two, then add two inches.