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X-Rite L-Sealer Parts
Model 706 Machine Manual w/ Parts Drawings, Electrical Schematic, & Troubleshooting Charts Ea $75.00
Misc. Service Bulletins Related All Models & Model 710 Diagnostic Cheatsheet Ea $35.00
Nichrome Seal Wire w/ Pigtail & Terminal - 20-5/8''  Ea $16.50
Nichrome Seal Wire w/ Pigtail & Terminal - 20-3/16''  Ea $16.50
XRT170 710-173  Nichrome Seal Wire w/ Pigtail & Terminal  (710 & 706) - 20''  Ea $16.50
XRT060 710-103 High Temp Rubber Seal Pad - Side Ea $10.90
XRT070 710-104 High Temp Rubber Seal Pad - Front Ea $10.90
3/4" x 10 mil x 18 yd Teflon Tape Rl $23.21
Seal Jaw Insulator Strip (Replaces Ceramic Beads) Set $34.90
XRT080 710-239C  Ceramic Bead (1/8''t X .230''w X 2-13/16''l) w/ Wire V-Slot (1 Req'd) Ea $12.00
XRT090 710-184D  Ceramic Bead (1/8''t X .230''w X 3/8''l) w/ Wire V-Slot (1 Req'd) Ea $10.70
XRT100 710-183D  Ceramic Bead (1/8''t X .230''w X 3/4''l) w/ Wire V-Slot (1 Req'd) Ea $10.70
XRT110 710-182E  Ceramic Bead (1/8''t X .230''w X 7/8''l) w/ Wire V-Slot & Slightly Offset Thru Hole (1 Req'd) Ea $10.70
XRT120 710-181D  Ceramic Bead (1/8''t X .230''w X 1-1/8''l) w/ Wire V-Slot (1 Req'd) Ea $11.40
XRT130 710-180E  Ceramic Bead (1/8''t X .230''w X 3''l) w/ Wire V-Slot (10 Req'd) Ea $9.20
XRT030 SD50-07 Sealer Take Away Belt - Model 710 Ea $197.50
XRT041 710-54 Tail Conveyor Shaft Ea $39.90
XRT042 710-55 Head Conveyor Shaft Ea $39.90
XRT043 SD70-10 Bearing, Conveyor Ea $19.90
XRT050 SE56-07 Triac Ea $47.90
XRT051 SE54-01 Circuit Breaker, Power On/Off Ea $84.00
XRT132 710-258 Sealing Arm Cylinder Ea $29.50
XRT133 76A-244 Spring, Jaw Return Ea $22.00
XRT201 710-127 PTO Motor Replacement Kit w/ Gearmotor (710 series only) Ea $289.00
XRT230 SD70-10 Flange Bearing Ea $21.43
XRT231 71-186 Punch Cushion Ea $19.00
XRT232 SD70-19 Nylon Pivot Bearing Ea $6.90
XRT233 SM83-02 Locktite Ea $5.50
ART234 SD82-182 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT235 SD82-205 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT236 SD82-235 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT237 SD82-236 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT238 SD82-255 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT239 SD85-10 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT240 SD85-27 Screw Ea $1.45
XRT241 SD96-12 Nut Ea $1.45
XRT300 710-157 710-156 Sensor P.C. Board REPAIR**  (see below) Ea $145.00
XRT306 76A-245 76-246 Sensor P.C. Board REPAIR**  (see below) Ea $145.00
XRT302 710-157 710-156 Sensor P.C. Board Rebuilt Exchange (Invoiced at $265 w/ $70 credit when old board is received by M-Pak) Ea $195.00
XRT301 710-145 710-146 Motor/Heater Control P.C. Board REPAIR**  (see below) Ea $225.00
XRT304 706-06 Panel Control P.C. Board REPAIR**  (see below) Ea $205.00
XRT305 SE54-01 Breaker - On/Off Ea $84.76
KIT-101 See Kit Seal Jaw & Pad Rebuild Kit for Models 76, 706, 710  (Specify wire lengths at time of order.)  Kit includes:  2 wires, upper jaw insulator strip, seal pads, teflon tape roll, & hi-temp adhesive Ea $139.00
X-Rite Shrink Tunnel Parts
XRT005 710-243 Tunnel Curtain (One side only - reqs one each end) Ea $22.80
XRT010 SD50-03 Tunnel Belt for Model 76A  Ea $279.00
XRT020 SD50-06 Tunnel Belt For All 706's (Model 710 - Serial #466 Or Lower) Ea $318.00
XRT040 SD50-09 Tunnel Belt For 710 (Serial # 467 Or Higher) Ea $318.00
Roller Cover, HiTemp for Model 730 Ea $3.85
XRT200 710-127 Tunnel Conveyor Motor Replacement Kit w/ Gearmotor Ea $289.00
XRT202 -- Tunnel Conveyor Motor, Fixed Spd AC Gearmotor  76A Ea Call
XRT211 SD49-08 GR6L775 Drive Sprocket, Tunnel Conveyor (3/8" Bore) Ea $25.68
XRT212 SD49-09 GR6L776 Driven Sprocket, Tunnel Conveyor (1/2" Bore) Ea $25.68
XRT SD70-10 ACE Bearing, Tunnel Shaft 1/2" ID Ea
XRT 710-55 PPP Tunnel Conveyor Drive Shaft 1/2" ID Ea
XRT SD70-21 ACE Bearing Race Ea
XRT189 SD18-07 Blower Wheel    (IN-FN) Ea $68.80
XRT190 710-28 / GR3M290 Blower Motor Kit w/ motor & shaft extension Ea $296.00
XRT307 710-145 710-146 Tunnel Control P.C. Board REPAIR for Model 730 ** (see below) Ea $225.00
XRT191 710-161 Heater  (REPAIR) Ea $225.00
XRT210 710-113 GR2YDW4 Chain (sold by foot) Ft $7.88
XRT220 SD119-02 GR2YDW5 Master Link Ea $6.77
L-Sealer Rebuild Kits
Rebuild Your L-Sealer for As Little As $139.00 !!
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Troubleshooting Notes for X-Rite Shrink Equipment:

  • The most commonly replaced item in the electrical system of the X-Rite Shrink system is the triac (XRT-050).  The X-Rite machines have two triacs.  These triacs are "electronic switches" used to control the on/off function to the tunnel heaters and sealing wires.  Keeping an extra triac, along with extra seal wires and teflon tape, in your spare parts inventory is cheap production insurance.  Click here for a diagram showing the location of the triacs.
  • ** The solid state circuit boards used in the X-Rite are no longer available.  In many cases, where catastrophic damage has not occured, we can have them repaired .  There is a minimum diagnostic charge of $85.00 whether the board can be repaired or not.  Standard repair charges are shown in the price list above, plus shipping.   If repairable, the $85.00 diagnostic charge will apply to the repair charge.
  • M-Pak has a Technical Service Department that is available to help troubleshoot your equipment problems and assist with your replacement parts needs.  Call us at 336-378-6036.  
The replacement parts shown here are aftermarket parts and not those of the original equipment manufacturer nor are they approved by them. The part numbers of the original equipment manufacturer are for reference only.
X-Rite® Aftermarket Shrink Wrap Parts Prices
for L-Sealers and Shrink Tunnels
M-Pak maintains an extensive inventory of aftermarket shrink wrapper parts for X-Rite Shrink Wrap machines.  If you do not find it listed here, please give us a call.  Check out our L-Sealer rebuild kits.  Price and availability subject to change without notice.  Call to verify pricing.
Weldotron Film Perforator
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