with our new Peel & Stick Teflon Strips.

PEEL & STICK TEFLON STRIPS from M-Pak saves time and money be eliminating the the clamping strips and screws necessary to hold the teflon strips on the heater and pressure bars.  A band of adhesive along the edge of the teflon strip will securely hole the teflon in place.

- Less expensive than conventional pre-punched teflon strips.
- Time saver.  The operator can replace in about 10% of  time generally required with clamping strips.
- Eliminates the need for clamping strips and screws to hold teflon in place.
- Easily applied without removing the heater bar. - - Peel release paper and stick.
- Can be used on all types of impulse sealers.
- Can be used on both the heater and pressure bars.

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Vertrod Teflon
Teflon Strips for Impulse Sealers
Item # Length of Seal Qty/Pkg Fits Price/Pkg
TEF100 4" (100mm) 20 Powerseal/AIE $21
TEF200 8" (200mm) 20 Powerseal/AIE $26
TEF300 12" (300mm) 20 Powerseal/AIE $29
TEF400 16" (400mm) 20 Powerseal/AIE $34
TEF450 18" (450mm) 20 Powerseal/AIE $39
TEF600 24" (600mm) 20 Powerseal/AIE $47
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