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Cobra III Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper
with 102" wrap height capability for tall loads
Price:  $8500Very Good ConditionDisassembled & Palletized on 2 Pallets
Purchased in Bankruptcy sale.  Removed in good working condition.
3M-Matic Parts
Cobra III
This Machine Is Sized to Maximize Trailer Cube When Shipping.....
The ITW Mima Cobra III semiautomatic stretch wrapping machine was designed specifically for loads that can't be moved or rotated during wrapping because of their instability or shape. The unit is perfect for loads that are light, fragile, extra heavy or unstable. During the wrapping cycle, the load remains stationary while the film carriage rotates around it. Even 'C' type loads are easily unitized with a tight, even web of pre-stretched film.
The wrapper comes equipped with the patented Accu-Stretch I powered pre-stretched film delivery system for optimum in film economy. Stretch film is elongated between two specially textured power driven rollers before being wrapped around the load. The standard pre-stretch rate of 250% is fixed to avoid operator tampering and assure consistent wrapping results. Higher or lower stretch levels are available to fit particular applications.  Extra height option on this maachine will allow wrapping of 96" high pallets.
Used ITW Mima Cobra III
Cobra III Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper
This machine includes an optional 102" wrap height extension to allow for wrapping tall loads for maximum truck cube utilization.