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ITW Muller Model 2101 Low Profile Stretch Wrapper
with Loading Ramp
Price:  $4375.00Very Good Condition
3M-Matic Parts

- Wraps up to 35 loads per hour
- 4,000 pound capacity
- Lift truck portable from front and rear
- Low Profile for Forklift or Pallet Jack Loading
- Heavy duty construction
- Film Pre-Stretch
- Positive, non-slip chain drive
- PLC control
- Loading Ramp Included
- Auto Pallet Height Sensing Photoeye
This machine appears to have seen very little use.  Included is a ramp to allow loading with a pallet jack.  Pre-stretch for maximum film efficiency.  Manual with schematics included.

Machine is priced at less than 50% of its new value.
CONTROL PANEL: (above) Showing Film Force, Carriage Speed, and Wrap Parameter Controls.
POWERED PRE-STRETCH: (left) 20" Film Carriage with Powered Pre-Stretch.
LOW PROFILE TURNTABLE:  Loading Ramp (not shown) Included for Loading with Pallet Jack.
3M-Matic Parts