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VERTICAL FOOT TYPE DOUBLE SEALER The FDV model is designed for vertical heavy-duty sealing. It can be used with conveyer or working table and can be linked to dosing and filling system. With elements on both jaws, sealing is suited for heavy duty bags, wet or dusty. Electric foot pedal operated.
Conveyer (optional - not included w/ sealer)
*Speed 0.5~5m/min
*Able to perform direct and discontinuous moving.
Model: AIE-FDV.
Sizes: AIE305FDV, 455FDV. 605FDV, 310FDV, 410FDV, 610FDV.
See Prices Below
Optional adjustable angle stand is available for loose products like powders and liquids to prevent from spilling while sealing
HEAVY DUTY (45LBS.) WORK TABLE The heavy duty large adjustable height work table was developed to support larger and heavier bags up to 45 pounds.
The longer extended foot pedal makes it possible to operate the foot sealer when the heavy duty work table is in a lowered position.
HOT STAMP IMPRINTERS Based for foot sealers. Seal and print in one operation. Quick and easy use for printing on poly bags. Great for shops, food markets, video and CD packaging needs. For manufacturers of all types of products that need to code,date, number to identify with a permanent mark. Print tape and type included.
Model: AIE-663 (3 lines)
See Prices Below
AUTOMATIC TABLE TOP MODEL IMPRINTER Quick and easy hot stamp imprinting on poly bags, aluminum foil, paper and all varieties of plastic film. Height adjustable. Ideal for use on plastic cases, and boxes up to 4 inches high or thick. For all types of operations that require imprinting. Can be used with electric foot pedal or automatic eye sensor. Comes complete with hot stamp foil, number and letter type. prints 3 lines of 9 letters each. Clearly prints manufacture or expiration date, SKU numbers, lot numbers, company name, weight, price, product name, country of origin, etc. Makes 160impressions per minute. Additional foil available.
Model: AIE-DH2. (3 lines automatic) *air compressor needed
Model: AIE-DHH. (3 lines manual hand operated)
See Prices Below
Applicable for printing date, weight and lot number in paper, paper box, films, plastic bags, aluminum foil, etc materials.

Features :
>Printing time can be adjustable.
>Easy to operate, printing clearly.
>Electromagnet design, stop current automatically, no more injury.
>Sensor is available for automatic printing without foot pedal.

See Prices Below


Model AIE- 305FDV AIE- 455FDV AIE- 605FDV AIE- 310FDV AIE- 410FDV AIE- 610FDV
 Seal Length 12 " 18 " 24 " 12 " 18 " 24 "
 Seal Thickness 20 mil 20 mil 20 mil 20 mil 20 mil 20 mil
Seal Width 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
Watts 1500 W 2000 W 2500 W 2000 W 2500 W 3000 W
Weight 61.6 lbs 63.8 lbs 68.2 lbs 63.8 lbs 68.2 lbs 72.6 lbs
M-Pak Price $683 $721 $755 $713 $749 $785


Model Max. Seal Letter Lines Sealing Size Voltage Dimension Watts Weight M-Pak
AIE-663 9 x 3 Letters 3 Lines 11mmx22mm 110 V   60 W 10 lbs $425
AIE-664HS  14 x 2 Letters  2 Lines 2 mm x 4 mm 110 V 370L x 220W x 290 H (mm)   27 Lbs Call
AIE-DH2 27 Letters   12mmx22mm 110 V 12"Lx12"Wx16"H   22 lbs $2850
AIE-DHH 27 Letters   11mmx19mm 110 V 8"Lx6"Wx9"H   8 lbs $655

AIE-664HS CODING AREA 8 mm X 23 mm
Requires air compressor


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