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CONTINUOUS BAND SEALER Ideal for sealing plastic bags of virtually any size and length. The variable speed conveyor belt is adjustable to accommodate most packages. It is  equipped with a temperature control to adjust the heat to seal bags of various thickness. Also comes with a hot stamp imprinter allowing the user to record dates and codes with each seal. The machine comes with a tool box containing spare bands, heater tubes and complete set of type. Conveyor can be raised or lowered and angled to accommodate most projects.
Model: AIE-B7202
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PORTABLE HORIZONTAL BAND SEALER This versatile portable horizontal band sealer is virtually the same machine as the one listed above but is one quarter the size. This unit is ideal for projects which require higher production rates and minimal space and costs. Conveyor speed 0~50 ft. per minute, material thickness up to 20 mil and unlimited length. This unit can also emboss alpha numeric information on seal as an option. The AIE-B6201 comes equipped with speed controls, embossing wheel, heat controls and repair kit. Printing wheel and type optional.
Model : AIE-B6201
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PORTABLE VERTICAL BAND SEALER Our vertical band sealer has same features as model AIE-B6201 except bags are sealed in a " standing position ". This method of sealing is ideal for the packaging of bags containing spill able items such as powders, liquids, grains, etc. Conveyor speed up to 50 ft. per minute. This unit can also imprint as well as seal. The AIE-B6202 portable band sealer is completely adjustable for height, heat and speed. Comes equipped with a repair kit. Embossing printing wheel and set of type optional.

Model : AIE-B6202
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Horizontal Mount

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for Vertical Mount


Horizontal or Optional Vertical Mount

CBS-880 is of stainless steel construction with a sealing speed of 9-320 inches/minute and a seal width of 5/16". The sealing temperature ranges from 0-300 degrees Celsius, and the maximum conveyor load is 5.5 lbs. with optional vertical conversion kit can be mounted vertically for "standing position" sealing.  This unit can also imprint as well as seal.  The manufacturer's replacement kit includes: 4 wheel belts, 20 teflon belts, 1 PC board, 1 rubber wheel, 2 screwdrivers, 2 wrenches, and 1 embossing kit. The embossing kit contains: 1 printing wheel, "EXP", "MFG", and numbers 0-9 (3 sets).
A Best Buy!!                       Price:    $1295

Model : CBS-880
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Model Max. Seal Motor Temp Watts Speed Weight M-Pak
AIE-B7202 20 mil 1/4hp 0~750°F 900 W 30 ft./min 110 lbs $5595
AIE-B6201 20 mil 1/12hp 0~750°F 450 W 50 ft./min 87 lbs $3480
AIE-B6202 20 mil 1/12hp 0~750°F 450 W 50 ft./min 88 lbs $3650
CBS-880 20 mil   0~750°F 500 W 0 - 27 ft/min 88 lbs $1295
CBS-880 with
Vertical Kit
20 mil   0~750°F 500 W 0 - 27 ft/min 100 lbs $1395

*Can Seal 12 " Bag With Extended Shaft.

Continuous Band
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